K&B World Tour 2012

As of this writing, the 2012 Kitchens & Bathrooms World Tour is booked for multiple dates—a rare occurrence and the first of its kind since the Truman Administration.

The tour kicks off this Saturday, August 25, at venerable University-area watering hole The Daily Planet. We'll hit the stage around around 10:00, opening the night for the Mike Dees Band. K&B axeman Chris Wood will be doing double duty, playing a full set with both bands.

Stop #2 will find the band at the November Rock-N-Romp at Overton Park. For those unfamiliar with the series, let's just put it this way: kids everywhere, local bands onstage, and parents clutching their $5 beer bust cups for dear life.

For details, check the Shows page.

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K&B @ Escape

The 2011 Kitchens & Bathrooms World Tour kicks off this Saturday at Club Escape in downtown Memphis. As tends to happen with K&B world tours, the 2011 schedule has but a single date—this one—so plan accordingly.

We'll hit the stage around around 9:00, followed by comedy and more music. Find all the details on our Shows page.

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Clay booked for rare solo date

The 2010 Kitchens & Bathrooms World Tour kicks off this Friday with a rare solo set from Clay at Escape Alley Sundry. Though we are looking to book spots for fall, as of this printing, this is a one-date tour—so plan accordingly.

This early show starts around 7:00, with Nick Redmond (Star & Micey) opening. Find all the details on our Shows page.

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CD Release Party Booked at Hi-Tone

Mark your calendars for Sunday afternoon, August 9th. That's the release party for the new CD, and we can't wait to bring the music to the stage of the Hi-Tone, a club we all appreciate as much as fans as performers.

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Eternal in Between hits the streets

Our long national nightmare is over: the drought of new material from Kitchens & Bathrooms has come to an end with the release of the band's third CD, Eternal In Between.

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